about 2 years ago

And the winner is...

The judges have weighed in! Go to the Building the Arweave permaweb Hackathon gallery to congratulate the winners and check out all of the awesome submissions!

Even though the competition is over, you don't have to stop coding. Join the Arweave community and get paid to help build the permaweb through our perpetual Open Web Hackathon and join our Discord server! 


about 2 years ago

Roll up! Final call for submissions

There’s only three days left to submit your project to the hackathon! Take the weekend to ensure everything is tip-top and be sure to double check the rules, task list, and requirements before you submit your work: 

Submission requirements  

  • The permaweb app must interact with Arweave using ArweaveJS and must be published on the permaweb using Arweave Deploy.
  • Your permaweb app must be fully decentralized without the use of centralized plugins. There should be no need to use a centralized login approach while you have a fully decentralized approach directly with Arweave.
  • Your submission must include an arweave.net

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about 2 years ago

Why Arweave?


Hello November! If you’ve just joined us, fear not, as there are still 11 days to build, finalise, and submit your build to our hackathon. 

Fun fact Friday: Why Arweave? 

On the centralised web, our data is often compromised and decisions aren't always made in our best interest. On the permaweb however, applications provide transparency for both the developer and the consumer. To understand more about the Arweave mission, we made a short YouTube series explaining why the permaweb serves both developers and consumers alike:

Consumer Integrity

Monetization & Developer Incentives


If you've any questions before preparing you final…

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about 2 years ago

How to build stand-out apps on the permaweb


Here are some top tips on building stand out apps on the permaweb:

Dependencies -

Relying on centralised dependencies means that your build could be liable to a dreaded 404 if a service experiences downtime, content removal, subscription limitations, and any other issues that mean parts of your platform may suddenly break or not function properly 

Interacts with the blockchain - 

By using ArweaveJS you can easily interact with Arweave's blockchain. Using simple functions, API requests to nodes and with the integration of ArQL, for conditional requests, you can get, and store, all kinds of data, including html, text…

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about 2 years ago

Hold the line: half way hacking


We’ve passed the half way point! 

Fun fact Friday: Did you know that Over 20 years, 98.4% of web links suffer from rot, becoming totally inaccessible to future generations?! By building applications and tools on the permaweb, you are helping preserve access to information for generations to come. 

In need of some inspiration?! Here are some awesome examples of what you can build with Arweave: 

ArWiki - Think Wikipedia, but permanent

Weavemail - Send permanent emails within the Arweave network 

Scribe - A Medium-style decentralised blogging platform

ArweaveID - Attach a unique ID to your content across the Arweave

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Live Q&A, today @ 5pm CET

Don't forget that today at 5pm (CET), we'll be hosting a live Q&A to answer any questions or suggestions you may have about the hackathon. Head over to the Devpost-hackathon Discord channel here -> 

We look forward to seeing you on the server!


about 2 years ago

New judges announced!


We’re thrilled to welcome four industry leaders to our hackathon judging panel:

Jesper Noehr, founder of Bitbucket

Kyle Samani, managing partner at Multicoin

Dani Grant, analyst at Union Square Ventures

Christopher Heymann, founding partner of 1kx

Take your build to the next level by teaming up. Still looking for BUIDL buddies? There’s now 61 participants in the hackathon, take a look and buddy up! 

Got questions? Join the live Q&A on our Discord #Devpost-Hackathon channel at 5pm (CET) on Wednesday 16th October, where you have the chance to ask our team any questions about the

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about 2 years ago

Week one: game on

We’ve almost reached the end of week one! It’s great to watch new people joining every day, we can’t wait to see what awesome builds you’re working on. Remember: connecting with our developer community is a great way to bounce ideas off each other, meet new people, and clear up any questions you might have about the permaweb. If you haven’t already, head over to our Discord server now!

Have a great weekend!