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about 1 year ago

Hold the line: half way hacking


We’ve passed the half way point! 

Fun fact Friday: Did you know that Over 20 years, 98.4% of web links suffer from rot, becoming totally inaccessible to future generations?! By building applications and tools on the permaweb, you are helping preserve access to information for generations to come. 

In need of some inspiration?! Here are some awesome examples of what you can build with Arweave: 

ArWiki - Think Wikipedia, but permanent

Weavemail - Send permanent emails within the Arweave network 

Scribe - A Medium-style decentralised blogging platform

ArweaveID - Attach a unique ID to your content across the Arweave network

PermaPaste - Store, share & edit private or public markdown or ascii documents 

ArBrowser - Browse content in the Arweave network linked to wallet addresses 

Don’t forget, our Discord server is a great place for bouncing ideas off others and getting feedback on your builds. 

Have a great weekend BUIDLers!