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about 1 year ago

How to build stand-out apps on the permaweb


Here are some top tips on building stand out apps on the permaweb:

Dependencies -

Relying on centralised dependencies means that your build could be liable to a dreaded 404 if a service experiences downtime, content removal, subscription limitations, and any other issues that mean parts of your platform may suddenly break or not function properly 

Interacts with the blockchain - 

By using ArweaveJS you can easily interact with Arweave's blockchain. Using simple functions, API requests to nodes and with the integration of ArQL, for conditional requests, you can get, and store, all kinds of data, including html, text and image files.

Problem solving -

Often, a good place to start is by looking at popular applications on the current web and building similar platforms on the decentralised web. For example: social networks, news outlets, discussion forums, open knowledge platforms, and archiving tools. Head over to our #on-the-arweave Discord channel and check out what other community members have been building.

Got questions? Head over to our Devpost-Hackathon Discord server!