Sick of 404s? Help revolutionize the web by building decentralized apps

We are increasingly losing control of our personal information by placing ownership of data in the hands of just a few. History has shown us time and time again how problematic centralization is, and today, monolithic power structures have dominated the infrastructure of the web, turning open networks into a place where information and freedom of speech are vulnerable to censorship and loss. In response to the increasing centralization of the web, Arweave is on a mission to build a new web -- the permaweb. 

The permaweb is a decentralized, immutable new web, built on top of a globally distributed, permanent hard drive -- the Arweave network. We want the decentralized permaweb to be accessible to everyone, but we want you to be a part of making that a reality. That’s why we’re looking for talented developers to build decentralized apps on the permaweb.

How to participate in the Arweave open hackathon?

  • Register on Devpost for this hackathon
  • Join the hackathon channel on our Discord server
  • Before getting started, read the following documentation.
  • Be sure to read the documentation on how to read from and write to the permaweb here.
  • Get your free tokens so you can easily build and deploy your application onto the permaweb. [For guidance on how to use the Chrome web extension wallet, check out this user guide]

Submission period (7 weeks): September 22 - November 11 
Winner announcement: November 22 

View full rules


Submission requirements 

  • The permaweb app must interact with Arweave using ArweaveJS and must be published on the permaweb using Arweave Deploy.
  • Your permaweb app must be fully decentralized without the use of centralized plugins. There should be no need to use a centralized login approach while you have a fully decentralized approach directly with Arweave.
  • Your submission must include an link to a live, functioning, and running instance of the app itself, as well as a link to the repository it is stored within.
  • Please ensure you join the Discord channel to ask questions if you are unsure.


Sebastian Campos Groth

Sebastian Campos Groth
COO at Arweave & previous Techstars Program Manager

Kyle Beckles

Kyle Beckles
Head of Product at Arweave

Jesper Noehr

Jesper Noehr
Founder of Bitbucket

Christopher Heymann

Christopher Heymann
Founding partner at 1KX

Kyle Samani

Kyle Samani
Managing Partner at Multicoin

Dani Grant

Dani Grant
Analyst at USV

Judging Criteria

  • Design and User Experience
    Is the app easy to use and pleasing to look at? Does the interface make sense?
  • Decentralized
    Is the app fully decentralized and hosted on the permaweb using Arweave Deploy?
  • Use of Arweave tech
    Does the app interact with Arweave using ArweaveJS?
  • Originality
    Does the app solve a problem? Or fill a gap in the market? Or have a unique or new business model?
  • Retention
    Does the app have lasting appeal? Will it retain users? Would you use it again?